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St. Petersburg

Kvänum St. Petersburg / Piterra Home
13 Uralskaya street, Vasiljevskiy Island
199155 Saint-Petersburg
Telefon: +7 812 319-88-88(ext. 710), + 7 812 319-13-19

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At Kvänum St. Petersburg you will meet the interior decorators Lubov Sidneva and Anna Sizova. For partnership question please kindly contact  Ksenya Lihacheva or Elena Vasilyeva.

Working hours:

Mon-Fri   10-20
Sat-Sun  10-18

Order a catalogue - 3219999@piterra.ru


About us

Since 1999 Piterra company presents on the Russian exclusive interior products market world-famous brands "premium" class. Piterra company cooperates with many factories in different countries - Italy, England, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Spain and America.

Piterra`s assortment is an amazing by beauty, performance and quality the collection of wall coverings, architectural decoration and textiles. They not only serve as materials for creating luxurious interiors, but often are art objects, combining the best ideas of modern and traditional interior design, new materials and innovative production technology.

10 salons of Piterra`s network in St. Petersburg and Moscow, visited annually by more than 5,000 professionals in the field of interior design and architecture. Dealer`s network includes more than 450 companies all over the Russia. More than 1000 items constantly in Piterra`s stock.

About PITERRA HOME salon

PITERRA HOME - a new project of Piterra, devoted to the production of high level. The first salon PITERRA HOME opened in St. Petersburg on the Uralskaya street, 13, in May 2012. Salon PITERRA HOME is the flagship salon of Piterra company, where is present an extended range of collections from the world's strongest manufacturers.

In salon`s assortment - furniture, wallpaper, textiles, moldings, interior accessories.

All collections are perfectly combined with each other, demonstrate the modern trends of the world`s interior fashion and allow you to create the most exquisite, luxurious, elegant interiors, which, undoubtedly, will reflect a bright personality of owners.
In relax and homely atmosphere, we will be glad to help you to find all the necessary elements for the development of a unique space.




Appointments available outside opening hours. Mail or call us for details.
Requests or to order latest catalog: 710@piterra.ru